Friday, November 7, 2008

About this blog

This is a place where I can vent about politics (from the Latin Poly meaning "many" and Ticks meaning "blood-sucking vermin") without it being too easily traced back to the on-line persona associated with my resumé. Not to come across as paranoid, but two of the folks in my blogroll have been made unemployed (and in one case, unemployable) by their online writings. Yes, I know there's no such thing as true online anonymity, and that my writing style is quirky & distinctive. And my blog comments under my usual handle may be enough to cause me trouble despite having this alternate alter ego for my more political rants. I'm making the attempt anyway.

My primary focus is on regaining a conservative majority in our government and limiting the damage that President-Elect Obama can do to our civil liberties in the meantime. First things first: Remember the lesson of Ft. Sumter. If it should, $DEITY forbid, come down to force of arms, public opinion will be against the side which shoots first. I agree with the Libertarian Party in renouncing the initiation of force as a means of political change. On a related note, if some dumb-ass methhead, neo-nazi turd burglar, or peckerheaded member of the Bedsheet Brigade does pop a cap into Obama, you'll have changed him from the next Carter to the next JFK. Worse than that, you'll have given the green light to every bit of gun-control legislation imaginable and you'll have put Biden into office with powers that (to steal a line) will make Martial Law look like Anarchy. For our Republic to survive, Obama has to do so as well. If you're the praying type, you may want to sing a few hossannas each night for his safety.

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